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Amigos cual gotas 🔖

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✍️ Interesting Blogs

This page is continuously updated; it’s publication date reflects the last time changes were made.

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📝 Emulating Semgrep SAST Pro Taint Mode with Join Mode

Semgrep’s Join Mode[1] is a seldom discussed yet interesting experimental feature of the Semgrep OSS SAST engine which can be used to achieve rudimentary taint interprocedural and interfile analyses. In this snippet I document how to combine one search mode and two join mode rules in order to identify intrafile, intraprocedural, interfile and interprocedural tainted sinks.

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Voces: distantes caricias 🔖

Bastante se ha escrito sobre la experiencia y tribulaciones del migrante, sin embargo poco se habla sobre aquello que le permite mantenerse incólume y continuar su curso. Éste poema es un recordatorio precisamente de aquellas voces lejanas, voces que actuan como frazadas en las tormentas de la vida lejos de casa.


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🪄 Install asdf: One Runtime Manager to Rule All Dev Environments

Almost everyone I know who uses a computer, for fun or work, is overtaken by a slight nervousness when installing a new library, package, service or application on their operating system. The horror stories underpinning these reservations vary slightly between Linux, Unix, Windows and MacOS users, but everyone knows, regardless of preferred ecosystem, that installing software can do a number on their computer and the task should not be taken lightly. Especially for programmers, that struggle is no stranger. Therefore, any tool looking to simplify this task and eliminate potential points of failure is, in my book, a very welcome occurrence.


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📚 Favorite Books

These are books I’ve thoroughly enjoyed and have affected the way I see the world.

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🤝 Initiatives and Organizations Supporting Open Source

This page is continuously updated; it’s publication date reflects the last time changes were made.

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🚨 On the XZ Utils Backdoor (CVE-2024-3094): FOSS Delivered on its Pitfalls and Strengths

The newly discovered backdoor[1] in the XZ Utils package[2] affecting numerous Linux distributions[3] and assigned CVE-2024-3094[4] is being dismissed by some members of the technology and security communities as yet another supply chain attack; relevant only because of how blatant it was and that it affected the Open Source ecosystem but in essence nothing out of the ordinary. Regardless of whether this perspective is gaining traction due to cynicism, as hyperbole for clicks or as a coping mechanism, I vehemently disagree with that stance.


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📦 Multiple Git Configurations and Identities with Folder-Dependent Includes for GitLab, GitHub et al

People, shout out to some of my friends and collegues, like to configure their development environments in a myriad of ways. Even setting one’s Git author identity, a seemingly boring and mundane task, is sometimes approached in the most creative ways. This, of course, includes not only configuring git, the tool itself, but also any relevant repositories as well as the platforms where those eventually end up hosted. In this brief tutorial I show how to properly handle multiple identities and configurations as well as how to manage Git projects which might be spread throughout multiple Git backends.

Please beware this tutorial will likely only be relevant or interesting to you if you already have some experience with Git, otherwise this sort of setup may feel like unnecessary or overly complicated. In case you are new to Git, I highly recommend you go through Git for Beginners: Zero to Hero 🐙 and also have a look at Git Cheatsheet: Commands, Tips and Tricks 📝.


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Excellent Quotes from Marcus Aurelius’ Meditations

While on a military campaign which started in 170 and ended in 180, Marcus Aurelius[1] wrote his Meditations in Greek for his own guidance and self-development. The original title of the work, if it had one, is unknown. ‘Meditations’ – as well as other titles including ‘To Himself’ – were adopted later. He had a logical mind, and his notes were representative of Stoic philosophy and spirituality.

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Benjamin Franklin on the Tension between Liberty, Virtue, Safety, Wealth and Power

Those who would give up essential Liberty, to purchase a little temporary Safety, deserve neither Liberty nor Safety.

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🍂 Ryōkan: In the scenery of spring …

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This poem by Ryōkan was quoted by Alan Watts[1] in one of his lectures[2]; this was what originally motivated me to look for it in full and reproduce it here. The source of the painting is not related to Ryōkan[3].


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Folklore Night Sky: Overcoming Ancestry

This poem was originally written for KAMINA’s[1] act at the Heidelberger Literaturherbst 2023[2].

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Freier Fall: ein Gedicht über die Migrantenpsyche

Dieses Gedicht wurde ursprünglich für den Akt von KAMINA[1] beim Heidelberger Literaturherbst 2023[2] geschrieben.

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Calipso: amores complicados

En la mitología griega Calipso (Καλυψώ: «la que oculta») era una ninfa que vivía en la isla de Ogigia, donde, según la Odisea de Homero, detuvo a Odiseo durante siete años [2].


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Git Revision Selection and Expressions A…B

While using git it’s common to use object identifiers to operate on the underlying objects: checking branches out, reverting a commit, resetting to a given point in the history, and more.


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🖋 A Look into Aptos, Microsoft’s New Default Font

icrosoft has been planning a design revamp when it comes to the typography of their whole Office product line; and probably beyond that. They have worked on selecting their new default font for quite a bit[1]. The finalists among which the successor to the familiar Calibri typeface[2] was to be chosen were long known: Bierstadt, Grandview, Seaford, Skeena, and Tenorite. The decision, however, hadn’t been made and apparently no winner was yet selected nor known. That all changed today, though, as The Verge has reported [3].


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Grieving the Early Internet 💾

This is a topic I’ve wanted to write about for a while; and one for which I had way too many references stored. Until now, I hadn’t found a way to jump-start my internal monologue on the matter and spur the necessary motivation to put my thoughts to paper. That, however, changed last week when I engaged in a couple of conversations online on HackerNews [1] and Tildes[2] about the openness and diversity of our present-day Internet.


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MySt and Markdown for Sphinx Cheatsheet

I’ve never been a fan of Re-StructuredText, but most importantly I’m new to MySt, which leads to a lot of googling and painstaking trial-and-error while writing. Although my preferred references are the Jupyter Book MyST Cheatsheet, the Sphinx Book Theme Documentation, and the MyST Parser Reference, they are way too extensive, sometimes incorrect, and I don’t really use every directive or variant thereof. Therefore, I’ll use this post to gather the bits of the syntax and snippets I use the most.

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🎭 Best Fonts for Programming

It seems like there’s never enough time to be really passionate about aesthetics, so that’s why when the opportunity presents itself I just roll with it and indulge that inclination. This post is the result of one such opportunity.

Seeing as many of us spend a considerable amount of time in front of some sort of computing device, which is specially true for those of us who program, I wanted to put the list of my favorite programming typefaces out there for your enjoyment.


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Wrist-friendly Git Shortcuts and Aliases #️⃣

Things tend to get repetitive with git after you start consistently using it. Of course, it’s still an irreplaceable tool, but that doesn’t mean we cannot try to abide by DVORAK principles and minimize the distance our fingers travel on the keyboard.

As past and current colleagues can attest, I’m a serial keyboard customizer and shortcut afficionado, so my suggestion to give git console aliases a try should not come as a surprise.

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Git for Beginners: Zero to Hero 🐙

Git plays a crucial role in the software development industry and should therefore be part of every developer’s toolkit. Both experienced and beginner developers can increase their productivity by leveraging a code versioning system as powerful as git. Unfortunately, introductory materials are often either too shallow, making readers feel like they only scratched the surface, or too long-winded, diving into details which needn’t interest everybody.

Seeing as colleagues and students often ask me about good, self-contained guides, I decided to republish this guide for git beginners as well as those looking for a refresher.


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Git Cheatsheet: Commands, Tips and Tricks 📝

This is compilation of useful git commands, tips and tricks I created for myself since I kept forgetting some commands related to configuring, searching and managing git repositories. The format is simple, just a list with short descriptions for some common, and other less common, commands which I often find myself looking up online.


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Scarbleed: Closed, yet Open, Wounds

While experiencing traumatic circumnstances it is not uncommon to ask oneself whether the feeling of unease, desperation and sorrow will eventually pass. As impermanence[1] would have it, suffering passes eventually in order to give room to other, not necessarily pleasant, feelings and experiences. Scarbleed is a poem about the aftermath of intense pain. When sorrow has passed and wounds have allegedly healed can, and do, scars bleed?

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Invictus by William Ernest Henley ✊

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