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❌ RuntimeError: no .dist-info at ... has pip for pipenv install managed via asdf-vm1

ℹ️ Several folks who are not using asdf-vm but are facing similar issues have asked me for advice, I’ve detailed how you can troubleshoot and fix this issue on Fix runtimeerror: no .dist-info has pip in broken pipenv installs and virtualenv wheels.

Having said that, I’ve mentioned in several occasions that pipenv is my virtual environment manager of choice in Python projects and that I use it in tandem with asdf-vm[1], which allows me to seemlesly switch between Python versions depending on the project I’m working on. However, after updating one of my Ubuntu test systems (20.04.6 LTS) and installing a couple of Python versions via asdf-vm, pipenv suddenly stopped working. In this brief HOWTO I hope to provide a couple of hints as to how you may debug and ultimately fix a PipEnv installation which finds itself in a weird state.

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