Docker Cheatsheet

sudo groupadd docker sudo gpasswd -a $USER docker newgrp

docker ps

docker exec -i -t 665b4a1e17b6 /bin/bas

--rm switch automatically destroy after ended

docker run --hostname --publish 443:443 --publish 80:80 --publish 22:22 --name gitlab --volume /home/ghost/Desktop/gitlab/docker/gitlab/config:/etc …

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Easy Git Tutorial and Reference for the Busy

Git plays a crucial role in the tool-set of many software developers nowadays. Both experts and beginners can greatly increase their productivity by appropriately leveraging a versioning system as powerful as git. Unfortunately, online introductory sources and references dealing with the topic are often either too shallow, leaving readers with a sense of only having seen the tip of the iceberg, or too long-winded, diving too deeply into details which needn't interest everybody. Therefore, this article aims at providing a way for git beginners as well as those looking for a refresher to become confident with git as fast as possible without missing many relevant details.

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lifestyle design

Noviembre 2 9-10

Lifestyle Design and Languages as a Tool Diseño del Estilo de Vida y los Idiomas como Herramienta

intro, porque y para que?

Cómo ser feliz? Qué estilo de vida me hace feliz? pre-packaged lifestyles balance

experimentation expand not break horizon tendencies and predispositions (research)

principios guías ikigai …

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pipinstall psycopng2


All Languages >> Whatever >> libpq-dev depends libpq5

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“libpq-dev depends libpq5” Code Answer

libpq-dev depends libpq5whatever by Nervous Nightingale on Sep 11 2020 Comment 0 1 sudo apt install libpq5=10.12-0ubuntu0.18.04.1 Source …

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