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Amigos cual gotas 🔖

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Voces: distantes caricias 🔖

Bastante se ha escrito sobre la experiencia y tribulaciones del migrante, sin embargo poco se habla sobre aquello que le permite mantenerse incólume y continuar su curso. Éste poema es un recordatorio precisamente de aquellas voces lejanas, voces que actuan como frazadas en las tormentas de la vida lejos de casa.


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Folklore Night Sky: Overcoming Ancestry

This poem was originally written for KAMINA’s[1] act at the Heidelberger Literaturherbst 2023[2].

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Freier Fall: ein Gedicht über die Migrantenpsyche

Dieses Gedicht wurde ursprünglich für den Akt von KAMINA[1] beim Heidelberger Literaturherbst 2023[2] geschrieben.

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Calipso: amores complicados

En la mitología griega Calipso (Καλυψώ: «la que oculta») era una ninfa que vivía en la isla de Ogigia, donde, según la Odisea de Homero, detuvo a Odiseo durante siete años [2].


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🖋 A Look into Aptos, Microsoft’s New Default Font

icrosoft has been planning a design revamp when it comes to the typography of their whole Office product line; and probably beyond that. They have worked on selecting their new default font for quite a bit[1]. The finalists among which the successor to the familiar Calibri typeface[2] was to be chosen were long known: Bierstadt, Grandview, Seaford, Skeena, and Tenorite. The decision, however, hadn’t been made and apparently no winner was yet selected nor known. That all changed today, though, as The Verge has reported [3].


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Scarbleed: Closed, yet Open, Wounds

While experiencing traumatic circumnstances it is not uncommon to ask oneself whether the feeling of unease, desperation and sorrow will eventually pass. As impermanence[1] would have it, suffering passes eventually in order to give room to other, not necessarily pleasant, feelings and experiences. Scarbleed is a poem about the aftermath of intense pain. When sorrow has passed and wounds have allegedly healed can, and do, scars bleed?

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